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Product Name [poster mirror] - swim #1 [품절]
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Frame Infomation

Slim Frame

It is a frame of cold metal.
It has a simple design that goes well with any space.

Please choose the right frame size according to the product you purchase.
Front 8mm / Side 22mm

The front part is 8mm thick, which best suits the work..
The side part has a thickness of 22mm unlike other products, delivering a more robust feeling.

Metal (frame), PC (transparent acrylic), MDF (rear support)

  • Black

  • Silver

  • White

  • Olive

  • -This frame is professionally used in exhibitions and is different from the cheap aluminum frame sold on the market.
  • -Transparent acrylics are made to be twice as thick as conventional products, making them feel more glassy.
  • -The rear support is designed to attach the work and protects the work from humidity with a special coating.
  • -This frame is a domestic product made with solid technology.
  • -If you need a frame wire, please order it through inquiry.
  • -If you order with a frame, it will be assembled with the poster and shipped.
  • -The color of all products may vary slightly depending on the display.

Fabric Poster Information

Fabric Poster
The poster shop has prepared a more flexible bowl for light.
Now break the walls more freely, open a new window.

Chiffon 100%
It's an Italian chiffon fabric manufactured through thorough inspection.
Robust structure compared to other chiffon, durable and more consistent light reflection.

High-quality printing on Fabric.
With Korea's best fabric printing technology, you can also enjoy vivid works on the fabric.

It's a size that goes well with doors and windows..
It's a generous size, so it's flexible to melt in a variety of spaces.
We don't accept fabric poster production other than the prepared size.

ⓒ 2020 Postershop All rights reserved.
All the works and products you can meet have domestic and international licensing rights at the poster shop.

Package Infomation

Case Type
Hard case.

*A rigid hard case of rigid material.
Simple design and durability allow storage and reuse for various purposes.

Paper buffers were used to minimize product damage.
It is highly durable and can be reused for various purposes, so please do not throw it away when it is opened.


Blanket Information

 Made in U.S.A

Cotton 100%
The image was expressed through weaving
that weave thread and thread, not printed on fabric.

187*135 (cm)
A wide-sized blanket can be wittyly
filled in one wall full or floor.

ⓒ 2020 Postershop All rights reserved.
Can you see any work that has license rights at home and abroad at the poster shops and products.

* Very little is being stocked.
If it is sold out, if you place a reservation order through Kakao Talk, we will contact you individually when we restock it.

* The color of all products may vary slightly depending on the display.
* Weaving blankets create the original color through color and color interference.

Therefore, if you look closely, the colors may look different, and if they look like white or black dots, they are not defective.

Delivery / Exchange & Return

교환 및 반품 주소
- [03977] 서울특별시 마포구 성미산로 127 (연남동) LOFT 스튜디오 3층

교환 및 반품이 가능한 경우

- 상품을 공급 받으신 날로부터 7일이내 단, 가전제품의
  경우 포장을 개봉하였거나 포장이 훼손되어 상품가치가 상실된 경우에는 교환/반품이 불가능합니다.
- 공급받으신 상품 및 용역의 내용이 표시.광고 내용과
  다르거나 다르게 이행된 경우에는 공급받은 날로부터 3월이내, 그사실을 알게 된 날로부터 30일이내

교환 및 반품이 불가능한 경우
- 고객님의 책임 있는 사유로 상품등이 멸실 또는 훼손된 경우. 단, 상품의 내용을 확인하기 위하여
  포장 등을 훼손한 경우는 제외
- 포장을 개봉하였거나 포장이 훼손되어 상품가치가 상실된 경우
  (예 : 가전제품, 식품, 음반 등, 단 액정화면이 부착된 노트북, LCD모니터, 디지털 카메라 등의 불량화소에
  따른 반품/교환은 제조사 기준에 따릅니다.)
- 고객님의 사용 또는 일부 소비에 의하여 상품의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우 단, 화장품등의 경우 시용제품을
  제공한 경우에 한 합니다.
- 시간의 경과에 의하여 재판매가 곤란할 정도로 상품등의 가치가 현저히 감소한 경우
- 복제가 가능한 상품등의 포장을 훼손한 경우
  (자세한 내용은 고객만족센터 1:1 E-MAIL상담을 이용해 주시기 바랍니다.)

※ 고객님의 마음이 바뀌어 교환, 반품을 하실 경우 상품반송 비용은 고객님께서 부담하셔야 합니다.
  (색상 교환, 사이즈 교환 등 포함)





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